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Relationships are key to a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Think about the times when you are experiencing emotional distance or discord with someone at work or at home. Whether it is a boss, colleague, spouse, family member or friend, it is often difficult to think about anything else if the relationship is not going well.
There is an art and a science to relationship building.

Understanding and applying both will help you in the following areas:
  •  career (improved morale, productivity, working
          relationships, and promotability)
  •  spouses/primary partnerships (improved communication,
          higher degree of intimacy, and noticeable harmony)
  •   family  (more effective parenting skills, sibling cohesion, and 
          parental dynamics).
Professional Relationships

Whether it is consulting, coaching or facilitating, you will get a custom-made program that delivers what you need
(or your money back).

Your Options:

  • Relationship Road Mapping
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Effectiveness
  • High Performance Teams
  • Innovation in the Workplace
  • Leadership Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • People Strategies & Relationship Technologies

Personal Relationships

Whether it is coaching or counselling, you will get a custom-designed, practical path to improve any relationship (or your money back).

Your Options:

  • Relationship with others (Road Mapping which is a blend of cognitive structure and proven psychology principles).
  • Relationship with Self (Targeted sessions in the areas of life purpose, health, money, or creativity).

Upcoming Relationship Workshops

  • "The Opening" Intensive (May 18-22, 2012)    Langley BC
  • "Relationship Roadmap"  (June 23, 2012)        Burnaby BC
  • "Relationship RoadMap"  (Nov 10-11, 2012)    New York, NY

Professional Relationship Workshops

Corporate workshops combine structured activities with your work-related challenges using some or all learning styles. Depending on your preference, some of the following can be incorporated:

  • experiential & interactive
  • observation and awareness
  • creative design
  • self reflection
  • personal action planning within team context
  • graphic facilitation and visual imagery
  • storytelling
  • prototyping scenarios 
  • traditional meeting facilitation (problem solving & decision making processes, etc.)
  • themed retreats (i.e. Dragon's Den, The Apprentice, etc.)

For a complimentary 
"Team Dynamics Needs Assessment" or  
"Working Relationship Needs Assessment"

Here are snapshots of just the experiential team building segments of workshops. Whether Strategic Planning sessions or Marketing Innovation Meetings with substance, we deliver!