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Recover Your Magic!

Much of the success people experience in life is based on the quality of help they receive. We all know that about sports and career skills, yet people are often shy about getting the support they need with relationships or issues of a personal nature. If you are struggling with relationship, work, personal boundaries, anxiety, depression, trauma, life purpose or just working on your personal development, the way forward is by getting the right kind of help. Therapy, Counselling and Mind Clearing are powerful forms of professional support that can help you thrive and take your life and relationships to the next level.

Counselling Helps:

  • Bring clarity and perspective to a problem or difficult decision
  • Improve communication skills
  • Create healthy and fulfilling relationships
  • Expedite personal growth and self-development
  • Abolish chronic negative attitudes
  • Let the past go into the past
  • Recover your voice at a deeper level
  • Release whatever is holding you back in life
  • Develop responsible well being
  • Fulfill the deeper potential of your life

Ser​vices Include:


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Common Problem Areas that We Work With Include


Depression & Anxiety

Trauma and PTSD



Business and Work

Spirituality or Religion


Decision Making

Guilt and Shame


Life Transitions

Improve Communication

Finding a New Couple Partner

Clearing a Cult Experience

Family Dynamics

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. 

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Personal and Practical Support

Sessions combine in-depth conversation with emotional opening, relational deepening and effective process work. We get to the heart of your issues and work through them in an atmosphere of deep care and safety. 

Psychology Today
Herman Commandeur

Master Therapeutic Counsellor

Master Therapeutic Counsellor, Registered Counselling Supervisor

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