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Mind Clearing


Recover the magic of your personal power & ability to relate freely from your true being.

What is Mind Clearing™? Clearing rests in a combination of both new and ancient discoveries of what clears the mind of fear, guilt, upsets, depression and negative attitudes. It has important therapeutic applications and includes counselling but it also offers something unique through the power of it's processing techniques. Clearing is compatible with other methods that currently are in common use and it can deepen their effectiveness. It is more concerned with the resolution of problems at a fundamental level than with methods for managing them.

Clearing uses guided communication processes and proven methods that have been refined over the course of decades. Often within an unusually short amount of time clients are able to find their way beyond whatever has been keeping them stuck and embrace new and innovative ways to approach their lives. Through the techniques and principles of this method a person’s relating and ability in life can now be cleared and enriched at a deeper and more fundamental level. 


A specific problem or crisis is usually the focus when we begin sessions with a new client. Working through and resolving current problems and having their life go better is a good result and fulfills the goal of clearing for many people. For those with a desire to go further the resolution of current problems sets the stage for deeper processing, sustainable personal growth and reclamation of the true self.


Whether you are new to therapy or have already tried everything and are not getting the results you’re looking for at a fundamental level Clearing is a method that is worth exploring. Clients often report a sense of release, empowerment and coming home to who they really are. They report having better relationships and being able to get on with their life projects more successfully. Clearing is a step that can take your life to the next level.


As with all our work sessions occur in a safe and supportive environment and in the context of professional ethics that include confidentiality.


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Counselling, Therapy, & Mind Clearing Can Help:

  • Bring clarity and perspective to a problem or difficult decision.
  • With communication & creating healthy relationships
  • With personal growth and self development
  • Clear your mind of negative thoughts
  • You let your past go into the past
  • Recover your voice to a deeper level
  • Release whatever is holding you back in life
  • Develop Responsible well being
  • Fulfil the deeper potential of your life.

Specialties Include:

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