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Clearing Sex Issues

Education can only take us so far in resolving sex issues. There is often, charge, confusion, trauma, anxiety or guilt and shame that wants to be processed. Clearing this area can open the door for our natural sexuality to be fulfilled in a healthy and responsible way.

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Comprehensive Sex & Romance Clearing

Most people have acquired quite a history with sex and romance by the time they reach middle age. It can be a very valuable experience to comprehensively review your sex life with someone trained in this type of processing. Sex and Romance Clearing is especially good for anyone who is mystified by why it is that the same unwanted patterns in sex and romance keep repeating in their relationships and sabotaging this area of their life.

This project is a form of Sex and Romance Clutter Clearing for the mind and heart. The benefit of clearing this area is that it moves the past into the past and no longer prevents better things from taking place in the present.

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