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Individual, Dyadic & Group Supervision

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Karen Goodfellow worked, facilitated, and consulted extensively in the corporate world prior to becoming a Master Therapeutic Counsellor and a Registered Counseling Supervisor.  She provides supervision to therapeutic counsellors who want end-to-end support in bringing their practice to the next level...both the business and counselling aspects. This is her extensive education and experience in the helping professions and organizational world that she draws from:


     - Successful therapeutic practice in the helping professions since 2001

     - Supervision Trainer

     - Transpersonal Psychology Diploma (with high honours)

     - Marketing Certificate BCIT

     - Life on Purpose Coach  

     - Worked, facilitated, and consulted extensively in the corporate world

     - Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapist


As a Registered Counselling Supervisor and Master Therapeutic Counsellor who has worked in the counselling field since 2008, Karen offers competency-based supervision for counsellors (can work with supervisees regardless of their modality choices), specializing in:


     • Workshop design (see below for more information)

     • Group Dynamics: end-to-end support (online or face-to-face) including start-up, group development stages, types of groups,  and                     facilitating skills 

     • Bringing counselling work into the corporate arena 

     • Client interactions and/or Parallel Process

     • Healthy Boundaries

     • Advanced Systemic Constellation training

     • Trauma work (Somatic Experiencing Release) and Healing-Centred Engagement

     • Emotional support




One area I specialize in is assisting therapeutic counsellors delivering their psycho-educational workshops (whether for personal or professional development). 


Having custom-designed well over 1000 workshops to 30,000 personal or professional clients or teams, I've developed a comprehensive system for counsellors to design, deliver and debrief workshops. I've delivered Train-the Trainer workshops to Fortune 500 companies and Facilitation Workshops to individuals, teams and grassroot groups with high accolades.

Please email to get a list of upcoming dates.






Would you like to design (or redesign) a day-long workshop and enhance your facilitating skills? Join a group of fellow therapeutic counsellors to explore strategies for powerful workshop design. Bring your ideas for designing a workshop. You will leave this workshop with new insights about course design and a draft course plan.



During this workshop you will:

1.Become familiar with learning-centered course design principles and strategies;

2.Apply these principles to the (re)design of one of their courses;

3.Exchange feedback with peers to improve course design and facilitating approaches.


Learning Outcomes 



     • Increase understanding of roles and responsibilities of facilitators

     • Increase awareness of adult education techniques and unique learning styles

     •Theory and practice of Learning Outcomes (Knowledge, Skills & Ability) vs. Learning Objectives (specific tasks TBD)

     • Understanding the importance of participant readiness to learn

     •How to plan appropriate group processes that create and sustain a participatory environment

     •Assessing your audience and their needs in order to customize your workshop

     •Create appropriate processes to achieve desired learning outcomes

     • Develop your Workshop Design Toolkit



     •Establish the context in order to draft the content

     •Incorporating cultural awareness and sensitivity

     •Design or redesign a 1-day workshop (leave with a 1 day workshop outline) for an entry level or beginning group



     • Embrace the idea/principal of unconditional positive regard and understanding all members have equal value with valid learning styles


Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate purpose and benefits of icebreakers, check-ins and check-outs
  • Describe the 4 Learning Styles and understand the benefits of them in groups
  • Describe the facilitator’s responsibilities in Group Development Stage 1 and how to incorporate into the workshop design
  • Describe the Workshop Design Toolkit
  • Self-Reflection-Identify one’s own Strengths, Challenges and Roadmap
  • Define different models of facilitation (solo, shared, co-facilitation and rotating)
  • Understand the "Participant Persona" Template
  • Use the "Facilitator Guide" Template



The workshop uses many adult education techniques (e.g. interactive activities, theory, group discussion, self-reflection, experiential exercises, and participant feedback sharing on their designs) where participants apply workshop design principles to a specific workshop they are working on. Given the level of in-depth, hand-on work, the class size is limited to 6 participants at each session. Please allow 1-3 hours of homework on your workshop design between the 2 sessions.


Each participant will receive an online manual.



DAY 1       November (date TBD)     9am  - 1pm PDT

DAY 2       November (date TBD)     9am - 1pm PDT

Value:  $595 (includes GST and is the total for both half day courses combined) (Visa, MasterCard, or e-transfer)


To register:

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