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Dyad & Constellation Evening

"Into the Mystic" 

Enlightenment Intensive

“Into the Mystic”  Enlightenment Intensive Meditation Retreat 

The “Into the Mystic” meditation retreat is a modern answer to the question “Where can I go to directly experience my true nature and the true nature of life and of others?” Rooted in the ancient tradition of Rinzai Zen and combined with a modern dyad process of communication, it is a journey of healing and awakening which reveals that the deepest truth can be found within ourselves and through honest interaction with others. Transparency and honest communication are a core element in the process.

Until recently most of the contemplation based approaches the West has had for Spiritual Awakening had originated in the east and involved a silent, solo approach to contemplation. On the “Into the Mystic” Intensive there is also contemplation but the difference is that you have a partner to listen to and receive whatever occurs as a result of your contemplation. 

Communicating in this way enables participants to empty out the mind and go deeper much faster than traditional solo methods of contemplation and creates space for Truth to come in. Within a few days participants can have deep spiritual awakenings identical to those described by people who have practiced meditation for years.

This workshop is $997 Cdn. + GST (Early Bird is $797 + GST if payment received by January 31, 2018 ). Payment Plans are available.

Date:         March 22 (7 pm) - March 26, 2019 (ends 11:30 am)

Location:   Spirit Lodge   (132 Deerfoot Rd, Osoyoos, BC)

Contact: to register or for more information.

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"Into the Mystic" Workshop Testimonials

"Into the Mystic" Facilitator Testimonials

Dyad & Constellation Evening

Karen and Herman be hosting a combo Dyad/Constellation event in Vancouver (Topic: Truth Telling). 

We received truly outstanding testimonials from those who participated in the “Into the Mystic" Enlightenment Intensives. We’d like to give you a little taste to help you decide if it’s for you or not. Even if you decide not to go on to the Mystic, you will still receive value for the evening. 

We trialled a Dyad & Constellation evening in Osoyoos with 10 participants and got rave reviews. So, if you are interested in a virtually free mini-experiential event please join us.

You’ll walk away with a deeper sense of who you are and more ability to get yourself across to others.

Thursday, November 8th (6:30pm-9:30 pm) 

Empower Health Clinic (#208-2555 Commercial near Broadway)

$10 (Registration in Advance by e-transfer or credit card) $20 at Door

Register: Herman at


Daring Surrender

Next Workshop Date: October 23-24, 2020

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