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For many people grief is a dark and lonely road. Experiencing grief is a process of gradually accepting the unacceptable. It can be difficult and you may be tempted to manipulate the grief to get it out of the way:  climb over it, side step it, numb it out, or adopt coping mechanisms to try to get rid of it. This will only get you so far. What we have found in our experience is that the grief isn’t IN the way…it IS the way.

Moving through grief involves getting support and designing your long term roadmap rather than waiting for time to pass. This program includes an educational and psychological component (experiential grief work) that allows you to navigate your unique path in a renewed fashion. By the end of the series, participants will have the following outcomes:

Skills & Ability

  • accessing new ways to express grief which can allow for an enriched experience 
  • gain new perspectives and insights thereby allowing for the possibility of a new direction


  • understand how family system dynamics can affect bereavement and the grieving process
  • contemporary models of grief


  • wider perspective and context of the spectrum of emotions associated with grief
  • awareness of emotions that might be hidden i.e. guilt or shame
  • greater awareness and acceptance of your own unique path through grief and recovery

Format and Logistics

  • Participation: Adults who have lost someone they love. The group is open to all persons regardless of how recent or long ago it has been since the death of the loved one. 
  • Minimum 6 and maximum 10 participants
  • 4  Tuesdays Sept 25, 2018 - October 16, 2018 (6p – 9p)
  • Location: upper east bench about halfway up Anarchist Mountain.
  • $149 (+ GST and Eventbrite service fee) payable at time of registration

For more information:

•  Call Herman Commandeur at 250-495-0500 or email with your contact information and a time when we can call you.

To Register: 

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