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Healthy Heartfelt Boundaries

Often we are confused when navigating the territory that exists between you and another. As a result of facilitating the last 7 years with multiple relationship support groups and our private counselling practice, we discovered that boundaries were often the root of the problem.

Boundaries were either non-existent when then should be, hard lines in the sand when they didn’t need to be, or started out as a healthy boundary that was then collapsed in the face of unknowing. All are born from a deep, vulnerable place that is yearning for something else to be created.

Learn to not only reclaim your sense of self but also transform your relationships (primary relationship, family members, and work relationships).

Learning Outcomes:

•Gain personalized insight into how your boundaries were formed (or lack of them)

•Distinguish between healthy heart-connected boundaries versus boundaries arising from a past hurt or a defensive posture.

•Understand the ‘before, during and after’ checklist of behaviours or activities you can do in order to create healthy, heart-connected boundaries.

•Practice the skills in a current dilemma (or can use one from the past that you wished you had done differently) 


  • Four half days on Saturdays (9:30a - 1:30p) starting January 
  • $160 + GST (payable at time of registration by cheque, e-transfer or major credit cards)
  • Location: Osoyoos

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What our customers are saying

Karen and Herman's Boundaries Workshop was excellent; I was able to immediately use my newfound skills the very next day!

Dr. Tom Elliot (BC Diabetes Association)

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