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Unlock the Potential of Your Relationships

Couples & Marriage Counselling

Couple sessions provide the opportunity to get to the heart of whatever issues or concerns you have and work through whatever is keeping you and your relationship from really thriving. It can help to know that struggle and crisis are part of the natural development process in any relationship. They are an invitation and a doorway to deep healing for..... Read More

Healthy personal boundaries let in the good things in life and keep out the bad things. Too many personal boundaries create isolation. Too few personal boundaries draw constant violation. Too many in one area and too few in other areas creates alternating periods of isolation and violation. Some of the issues that attend poor boundaries are........ Read More

Healthy Personal Boundaries
Relationship Advice

Romance and committed relationships offer a source of joy and fulfillment that is not available from any other source. This part of life is too important to leave to chance or to sideline because we lack confidence or fear we might repeat the mistakes of the past. At MagiCore Counselling we can help you open the door to relational well being and genuine heart connection with a new couple partner..... Read More

Moving away from the family of origin is a natural part of growing up. It creates a new set of boundaries and the space in which to individuate. This is especially important for anyone who grew up in a difficult family situation. But later when returning to family gatherings the same old negative patterns may be showing up and seem to undo any progress that has been made....... Read More

Family Counselling
Sex and Romance

Education can only take us so far in resolving sex issues. There is often a charge, confusion, trauma, anxiety or guilt and shame that needs to be processed. Clearing this area opens the door for our natural sexuality to be fulfilled in a healthy and responsible way....... Read More

Conscious Uncoupling

The percentage of the partnership process that remains unhealed, is the same extent of baggage that you bring into subsequent relationships. Through a mindful process, individually or as a couple, move step by step to determine your contribution to the dynamic, make amends with yourself and other, then begin to design your future life without your former partnership identity.

Sex and Romance
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