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Experience your true nature.

 The “Into the Mystic” Intensive is a modern answer to the question “Where can I go to directly experience my true nature and the true nature of life and of others?” 

 Rooted in the ancient tradition of Rinzai Zen and combined with a modern dyad process of communication, it is a journey of healing and awakening which reveals that the deepest truth can be found within ourselves and through honest interaction with others

"Into the Mystic" Enlightenment Intensive

Until recently most of the contemplation based approaches the West has had for Spiritual Awakening had originated in the east and involved a silent, solo approach to contemplation. On the “Into the Mystic” Intensive there is also contemplation but the difference is that you have a partner to listen to and receive whatever occurs as a result of your contemplation.

Communicating in this way enables participants to empty and clear out the mind which allows you to go deeper much faster than traditional solo methods of contemplation and creates space for Truth to come in. Within a few days participants can have deep spiritual awakenings identical to those described by people who have practiced meditation for years. At this point in our history what was once reserved for the most rare of beings is available to everyone.

"Into the Mystic" is intense and full on and is not for everyone. It is for those who are ready to let go of the restrictions of attachment to the illusion of safety and the security of their cherished beliefs and reach into reality in a much deeper way. If this is you then please contact us.


  •  4.5 day workshop Fall, 2021 (Location TBD)
  • Cost $997 + GST (if at Spirit Lodge); Price TBD if at different location depending on venue costs.

Contact us now to find out more information or to register:     

"I feel taller. I feel more solid within myself, not freaking about so much about having to know things or do things on time. I have a sense of everything being acceptable. More connection to my inner wisdom

International Personal Development Company (Staff Member)

International Personal Development Company (Staff Member)

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