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As well as working with clients individually Herman & Karen have also been leading couples and support groups since 2009. They had been interested in working with couples since they first met at a relationship workshop in 2005. Since their first date, they've been using their own relationship to help others succeed. 

They say relationship is both “a sanctuary for healing and a crucible for awakening” and that relationship provides opportunities for growth that are not available through other means. They provide a safe space where you can expand your comfort zone whether in relationship or many other common (and uncommon) life struggles and dilemmas.    Contact Us

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Herman Commandeur MTC

Herman Commandeur has a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology and is a Master Therapeutic Counsellor with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT). He is a graduate of Clearmind International's Transpersonal counselling program and has used their powerful & cohesive model very successfully with both individuals and couples. 

Areas of study with Clearmind included Bowen Family Systems Theory, Gestalt, Person Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and Transpersonal Psychology.


In 2005 & 2006 Herman worked with acclaimed author & therapist Dr. Robert A Masters with whom he did individual and group work and then completed an Integral Psychotherapy Apprenticeship & Practicum. Herman is experienced in men’s work based in the teachings of David Deida, he is a Master facilitator for the deeply transformational “Enlightenment Intensive” and has an extensive background in personal growth.


Herman has also completed 3 years of training and practicum work in the proven and leading edge methodology of Mind Clearing. Clients have been getting such outstanding results with the Clearing processes that Clearing has become a central element in Herman’s work  with individuals and with couples. 


Herman’s personal journey has taken him from the trenches of human trauma and suffering back to a life with heart, purpose and integrity. “I know from my own experience that even in the most difficult circumstances it is possible to make a choice to embrace hope and possibility and that these can lead us back to connection and truth and a life worthy of being lived. I love to work with people longer term, starting with the resolution of their immediate challenges, whatever those may be, and progressing to sustainable personal growth and reclamation of the true self."


Herman inspires and supports people opening through fear and closure into love, healing, connection and the living of a deeper life.

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Contact Herman at 250-495-2429 or 

Karen Goodfellow MTC , RCS, CFA

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Karen Goodfellow MTC, RCS, CFA has been interested in human relationships since she was a kid and has been delivering the goods since the '90's. Karen has facilitated over 25,000 workshop participants in the area of relationship dynamics with an overall 92% Facilitator Effectiveness Rating based on feedback forms.

Whether work teams, individual clients, support group members or couples, Karen cares about people. A lot. She is constantly honing her skills so that she can deeply serve people who are dealing with life's dilemmas. As a result, she now has a diverse background which started out with education and experience in the business world (primarily as a facilitator) but soon evolved into the healing arts. She is your 1-stop shop - Therapeutic Counsellor (Transpersonal Psychology), Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Somatic Experiencing (TM) Practitioner (trauma resolution), and a Certified Life Purpose Coach. She is a part-time professional artist with over 200 pieces sold.


She works with all walks of life; for example, just in the corporate and organizational arena alone (through her business Astudia Facilitating, she has worked throughout North America with Fortune 500 companies (i.e. Sherwin-Williams Paint, Estee Lauder-Tommy Hilfiger Executive Team, Hewlett Packard, Hershey Chocolate, etc.), grassroots organizations, First Nations, cultural creative groups, activists, management, union, senior executives, elders, and youth. Her experience includes being the Regional Wellness Specialist running TELUS Mobility's best-in-class Wellness Program in the west for 5 years. Her specialty is managing people, teams and organizations through change, leadership development, and relational dynamics.


Regardless of working with individuals, couples or groups, Karen says "I see relationships as the final frontier". Clients say that her blend of caring and seeing client's potential inspires hope and a willingness to take the necessary steps to change.


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Contact Karen at 250-495-0500, 604-880-2025 or


"My life divides into two before Karen and life after. She is a remarkable therapist for me and my entire family."

About Karen & Herman

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