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Finding a new couple partner

Romance and committed relationships offer a source of joy and fulfillment that is not available from any other source. This part of life is far too important to leave to chance or to sideline because we lack confidence or fear we might repeat the mistakes of the past. At MagiCore Counselling we can help you open the door to relational well being and genuine heart connection with a new couple partner.                                                       Contact Herman

Finding a new relationship
  • We review past relationships to complete unfinished business and bring about the conditions for a more fulfilling relationship based on lessons from the past. We explore boundary issues and other potential concerns and address any areas of inability like fears, going on a date, problems with intimacy, etc.
  • We help you do the inner work and gain the knowledge & skills you need to find the right partner and, more importantly, to become the right partner to make your relationships flourish.
  • You looking for help on this project puts you way ahead of most people. Why? Because they are still trying to do it alone and it’s very difficult, maybe impossible, to sort out our patterns and dynamics in this arena without help. That’s why people repeat the same mistakes or go through life without ever creating a truly fulfilling relationship.

Benefits of Work in This Area Include:

  • Deepen awareness of your personal dynamics and how they might be creating problems in relationship
  • Survey and complete unfinished business from previous relationships
  • Explore and review insights and learnings from previous relationships
  • Explore boundary issues
  • Clear areas of guilt and shame
  • Run Trauma clearing on past incidents
  • Identify and Clear stuck patterns and fixed attitudes
  • Explore areas of missing knowledge and recommendations for learning
  • Making choices about sexual lifestyle
  • Envision the next relationship
  • Coaching for physical preparation if indicated
  • Address specific areas of inability (fears, going on a date, problems with intimacy, etc)
  • Create action projects around meeting potential partners
  • Fulfillment of our natural and deep yearning for family and love and long term relationship
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