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Negative States

Clearing Negative states & Fixed Attitudes

Many people are stuck in a negative state or a fixed attitude like “I’m not good enough” or “No one could ever love me” or “I’m not important”. The list goes on and on. These attitudes interfere with, hold us back and block our success in life.

Usually the attitude was taken on from the family of origin or a parent or because of a trauma like getting bullied or assaulted or something else that happened early in life. If there has been trauma it is usually important for the story to be told and heard and deeply received. But sometimes a person can tell their story and discharge emotion and go to workshops and pray and do affirmations but still have a fixed attitude or a deep negative state stubbornly remain and continue to hold them back in some area of life and relationship.

Clearing has effective processes for undoing or letting go of these fixed attitudes and negative states that limit personal potential. The natural result of Clearing these is fewer problems in life and more energy for creative projects, meaningful relationships and to fulfill one's deeper purposes in life.

Many people have done a lot of therapy or personal growth work but have not been able to get the gains they are looking for at a really fundamental level. This can include therapists and counsellors. If you are in this category this area of clearing is definitely worth a try.

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