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Personal Growth

Mind Clearing Intensives

Clearing Intensives are done in a format of 2 sessions a day for 2-5 days or in a similar format such as one session a day for a week or longer. They require a certain level of readiness on the part of the client and are only available at the discretion of the Clearer.

When sessions occur less than once a week a lot of session time tends to get used to work through current issues that arise between sessions.

The advantage of an Intensive is that it enables us to go right in and target the deeper fixed attitudes and heavy negative states that underlie and magically recreate our current problems in endless variety

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Depth Clearing Intensives

Where the Deeper Adventure of Clearing Begins

Getting through a current problem or life crisis is only the first stage of what is possible with Mind Clearing. Clearing is also for those who are fundamentally OK in life but know there is more. It is Depth processing where the greatest potential for transformation at a fundamental level and the deepest gains in Clearing are available.

Depth Clearing addresses the deeper structures of the mind that keep the individual trapped in the attitudes and the negative states that are shaping their current experience in life. When the deeper potential of clearing is fulfilled it leaves the individual free to engage in life from the authentic self as opposed to stuck patterns in the mind. This is an exciting area of personal growth and progress in this area will profoundly and deeply support a person's life and their relationships.

As mentioned, working at the deeper levels takes a certain level of readiness and commitment. It requires that a person first get free from current problems or at least sufficiently free to be able to set them aside. It also takes a real interest and OKness with processing and deep inner work and a good working relationship with the Clearer.

If this is something that interests you I would love to open a conversation about how go forward in this area.

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For out of town clients on site Lodging is available at our Spirit Lodge.

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