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Testimonials-Relationship Support Groups

"My husband and I were clients of Karen and Herman’s as we were struggling in our marriage. Seeing Karen and Herman probably saved our marriage! As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I was really struggling. Karen and Herman were a safe place for me to land on a regular basis, which meant that I was able to allow more and more of my trauma feelings out in our sessions with my husband witnessing. Step by step we started to feel safer with one another. Karen and Herman are highly trained and skilled but also personable, intuitive and sensitive. It is also a huge plus that they work as a couple. They also work separately and run many groups and workshops. As I said between the two of them they have a vast amount of experience and training in different modalities. We are so grateful to them and we are not seeing them anymore because we don’t need to….AND that is a measure of how good they are!!" Kajsa Futrell (Vancouver, BC)

"I first worked with Karen and Herman at the Relationship weekend. Since that time I have worked with them for 2 sessions per month (6 hours) at an ongoing couples support group that she and Herman run. They are magical at couples work. Just how good are these group couples sessions? Let me tell you - so good that I would rather attend "group" than accept 2 free tickets to go to a Bryan Adams concert the same night. I should add that I love Bryan Adams! " Dr. Tom Elliot (Vancouver, BC)

"Karen and Herman's guidance, assistance, wisdom and coaching skills, with my partner and I on our relationship has ultimately saved our relationship. I am thankful for their intuitive, creative and practical approach to our sessions and interactions and am profoundly grateful for their teachings of practical techniques that we can apply at home in communication and as such are experiencing more authentic intimate connection and growth within our relationship. I have never walked away from one of our meetings without having furthered my understanding of who i am in any relationship. Thanks Karen and Herman". Laura (Vancouver, BC).

"Karen and Herman were shadow facilitators at the first Clearmind Relationship Awakening weekend we attended. Karen was our one-on-one facilitators so we learned quickly of her expertise. Her keen mind and loving heart soon had us acknowledging the feelings that words had been unable to express. She guided us through the four step process and role-playing exercises and afterwards we were amazed at the new understanding we had about the origin of issues between us. We both felt we had been heard -- problems that could have grown huge were dissolved completely.

When Karen told us there was a spot available in a couples group facilitated by her and Herman, we didn't hesitate to join. We committed to one year of working with them and it has been one of the more memorable experiences in our lives. Not only did it bring us even closer but it gave us insight into ourselves and others. It calmed the waters being able to speak from the heart in an atmosphere of love and safety.

Herman is a loving teacher with profound insights into the human condition. He always brought a feeling of love and safety to the group. 

Karen and Herman are an honest, authentic & professional team, a couple who love each other deeply and walk the talk. They always had an interesting plan for our evenings together and often this was followed; if there was the need to deal with an especially important issue they were always willing to change the night's agenda to concentrate our attention on it.

Our year is at an end and we already miss both of them and the other four couples whose tears mingled with ours. They have left us with invaluable insights and methods to handle future conflicts. Every single person in the group touched our hearts in their own special way.

We strongly recommend Karen and Herman to any couple who wants to understand themselves and each other better while working towards an honest and loving relationship. Thank you for an unforgettable journey."

Love, Nicki and David (Vancouver, BC)

"You are so lovely, both on your own and together, that it was absolutely delightful to be in your group! I feel the incredible potential and know with certainty that what you have to share will be of such value, and I am excited and energized by this. I may not know how the next few months will unfold with my partner but I don’t need to! In fact, the anticipation of the unknown treasure is delicious! I feel incredibly blessed to be on this adventure with you both on the side and look forward with eager anticipation to our next group meeting. Thank you for being who you are and for graciously and generously sharing yourselves with us." Kathleen Mongeon (Coquitlam, BC)

"I am humbled to be part of a group that has helped me to see this so clearly, all your non-judgemental support and our co-created sense of safety and belonging has helped me to accept who I am, and who others are. It is when I can see the light in the darkest corners, that I know I have travelled far and the travelling is oh so worth every sometimes painful step. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support this past year."

Love, Liz J. (BC)

"I am grateful for this group... for the release and connection it gives me and the strength it gives to my relationship. Often I am tired, fed up and pessimistic about relationship and stuck in my own stuff and don't want to go to group... and yet it is still very important to me that we have support and so we go. We're always glad we did." J&S 

"Wouldn't miss group for anything, the last 2 sessions have been absolutely amazing for me. Both times I was able to shift big stuff. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you and Karen and Herman, you two are phenomenal! Group feels yummy and safe, I am so very grateful. I'm sure it saved my marriage."  K.F.

"My words are really not capable of expressing the depth of value that I receive from being a part of the relationship group. For me there are aspects of our collective interaction that allow the expression of what ever is up without any need to look good or to look acceptable (as in no mask required). For this freedom and opportunity to show up in total integrity I am grateful beyond any social norm that I have ever encountered. Thank you all for my freedom." John Kuchenthal (BC)

"Herman and Karen provided us with the tools we required to build and maintain a long lasting and deeply connected relationship. We are deeply grateful for the assistance they have given us." M&K (BC)

What our support group clients are saying

All of me is welcome here.  It’s great to be in a safe space so I can bring all my mess and be held there so I can work through my upset.

Support Group Member 

See What People Are Saying

"I felt the real truth of me under my resistance!"

"Into the Mystic" Support Group (Online)

"One big reason for me to be in this group is for my body to experience safety in connection. I am learning more and more about my resistance and what to do with it -how to be with it. to experience willingness and I felt that last night and it caught me by surprise because I went from resistance to feeling lightness and playfulness and then I realised my resistance had vanished….what a miracle!!!!

With family and friends and my partner, connection is feeling more and more gentle and safe and this is a HUGE WIN! I am only willing to do therapeutic workshops and groups when you two are holding the space. I feel  that our Mystic Support Group can help me through my resistance because of the unique container you hold. 

Women's Online Support Group

" I learned how to leave a lover by showing up 100% first then making a decision from that place first."

" I used to think the family of origin stuff was hard to buy into; I found it fascinating and it was like a big door that opened how I was projecting my past onto my ex-husband; it’s given me a big relief about my reaction to his leaving."

"I learned experientially that I am never upset for the reason I think"

MagiCore Counselling


Herman: #6-8319 Main Street, Osoyoos

Karen: Online & Telephone

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