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Healthy Personal Boundaries

This is an area where most people can use help. An intellectual understanding alone will not take us very far in resolving issues with personal boundaries because there are usually deep areas of unconsciousness at work. Effective boundary work requires a combination of education, processing, and Action Projects over time.

When present healthy boundaries enable us to live free from negative patterns rooted in the past. They empower us to reclaim and live from our true self while also protecting and nurturing our cherished relationships.        Contact Herman

Some of the issues that attend poor boundaries:

  • Difficulty saying “Yes” or difficulty saying “No”.
  • Feeling like your happiness depends on other people
  • Not knowing who to trust
  • Opening too much to people or situations or not enough
  • Giving up self for relationship
  • Insecurity about power issues in relationships and how to confront abusive patterns
  • Trouble putting boundaries on one’s own unhealthy behaviors
  • You go along with others rather than expressing what you really want
  • You have a hard time knowing what your think, believe or feel.
  • You feel responsible for other people’s feelings
  • You spend so much time helping others that you neglect your own needs
  • You take on the moods of other people
  • You feel that the opinions of others are more important than you own
  • You often get involved with people who end up treating you badly

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