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“If I can sum up what getting connected to Spirit is all about, it is knowing myself at deeper levels until I finally find a memory of a connection to God. This workshop continues to deepen the process of Clearmind International's personal development program. I loved this workshop and I am definitely going to do it again.”

"Into the Mystic" Enlightenment Intensive participant

“I thought the facilitation and the assisting was stellar.”

“Herman and Karen and the assistants were fantastic. Exceptional.”

“I was very impressed with the facilitation!!!! Herman demonstrated knowledge, compassion, humour, wisdom, great stories, respect. Brilliant!”

“I thought Herman demonstrated an incredible knowledge of this work, and brought it with humility, and intelligence and grace.”

“I was also impressed by all the assistants, beautiful presence, there but not intrusive, totally of service, everything was considered and cared for! Absolutely divine!”

"Into the Mystic" Enlightenment Intensive Participants (About the Facilitation)

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