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Couples & Marriage Counselling

Couple sessions provide the opportunity to get to the heart of whatever relationship issues or concerns you have and work through whatever is keeping you and your relationship from really thriving. It can help to know that struggle and crisis are part of the natural development process in any relationship. They are an invitation and a doorway to deep healing for both you and the relationship. But chances are you’ll need help to take it in that direction. 

Some reasons people seek Relationship Counselling:

  • Arguing has become often and hurtful
  • You are feeling distant or disconnected
  • One of the partners has been unfaithful
  • You are going through a major decision or life transition
  • One or both are questioning if this is the end
  • You don’t want to repeat the mistakes of your past
  • Outside influences are causing distress in the relationship
  • To develop effective communication skills 

Couples and marriage counselling can help you:

  • Resolve long standing conflicts
  • Develop effective communications skills
  • Establish and maintain safety in your relationship
  • Understand and release a negative cycle in your relationship
  • Explore how the past of each partner is affecting the relationship
  • Make the Shift from surface to depth and from reactivity to responsiveness
  • Understand & maintain healthy boundaries while also caring for the relationship
  • Deepen your understanding of masculine/feminine differences
  • Cultivate a deep level of empathy and connection with your partner
  • Recreate the passion, attraction and intimacy that first brought you together
  • Understand Relationship issues as a Pathway to Personal Growth and Deep Healing
  • Share your dreams & the kind of life you want to build together
  • Affirm each others right to be different and still be together

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